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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Take the Guess Work Out of Picking the Best Seat

e last time we took the red-eye to Europe, I was so uncomfortable in my seat I cut the circulation off to my legs, and what felt like my head, after being twisted into a pile of knotted limbs and blankets. I kept waking up nauseaus and miserable, wishing for the whole experience to be over. Somehow we had managed to sit in a row of 5 seats and were smack in the middle of it all.

I wish I had known about Seat Guru back then and avoided my fate. I recently stumbled upon it and was intrigued by their tag-line: "The ultimate source for airplane seating, in-flight amenities and airline information." This handy site gives you the run-down on all the major, and even not so major, airlines and reviews of their seats. This includes leg room, in-seat power port locations, in-depth specific comments, mis-aligned window map, detailed seat map graphics and much more. The site relies heavily on customer reviews and supportive airline staff to identify coveted 'green' seats from dreaded 'red'.

But more than just seat reviews, this site also gives passengers the skinny on carry-on and checked-bag allowances, overweight fees, minors, infants, pets, phone numbers, and general information. This lets you find everything you need in one easy to navigate place.

Unfortunately, Seat Guru can't tell you if you'll be sitting near crying babies, neurotic passengers, and drunk seat-mates.

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